P O S T Coroners Minutes



MAY 27TH 2020

A meeting of the Wyoming State Board of Coroner’s Standards was held via Google Meet on May 27th, 2020. The meeting was called to order by Connie Jacobson at 1:12 p.m. Present were Chris Walsh, Connie Jacobson, Dave Harness, Rebecca Reid, Ewa ­­­Dawson, Shane Johnson. A quorum was represented.

  1. There being no minutes present from the last meeting no motion was required.
  2. The agenda was read:
    1. Review of Coroner Basic #31
    2. Instructor preparedness
  3. Review of Coroner Basic #31
    1. Connie Jacobson stated that she was not confident that Coroner Basic #31 would be afforded the best possible quality of organization and instruction under the current plan to be virtual. She said that it was an Instructor issue in completely understanding the technology to adequately teach the classes. Dave Harness thought that it would also be a student issue with students being foiled by the technology and the arduousness of sitting in front of a computer screen 8 hours a day for a week.
  4. Instructor preparedness
    1. Connie stated that she was sure the instructors would be scholastically prepared for their lectures but the technology would most probably be an issue and the quality of the education substandard. Dr. Wilkerson is not able to instruct this year.
  5. Connie made the recommendation that Coroner Basic #31 be postponed until options were investigated. Chris Walsh told the group that the problem with the Academy was the issue of distancing between the students and as a result the housing was cut in half. The Academy was completely booked with Police Officer training. Connie made a motion to postpone Coroner Basic #31 until Fall and look into options. Shane Johnson seconded the motion and it was voted and passed unanimously.
  6. Chris Walsh stated that it was the Coroner Board’s statutory obligation to approve the curriculum annually. He also advised that Coroner Basic did not have to be held in the WLEA and a different venue could be an option. Recertification for coroners and deputy coroners will be extended.
  7. Connie made a motion to approve the Coroner Basic curriculum as set forth in 2019. Shane Johnson seconded the motion and it was voted and passed unanimously.
  8. There was discussion regarding postponing Coroner Basic #31 until later in the fall 2020. It was decided to inquire about the number of students enrolled.
  9. There was a call for new business. There being none:
  10. Connie moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:36 p.m. Dave Harness seconded the motion and it was voted upon and passed unanimously.

There was no official statement concerning the time and location of the next Coroner Board Meeting.

Connie Jacobson